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Taking some personal leave, haha. Been spending the last few days roaming the Big Apple (even bigger when you're five inches high) and cruising the city. Don't miss me too much.

[lock to Ofdensen]

First Report:

. Not much has happened since the time machine thing. Mol came over and beat the shit out of him, he spent a few days recovering, he's close to good now.
. Went into long talks about "Alice" even when no one was listening. Our boy's got it bad. He better not find out anytime soon.
. Ranted a little about hating Molotov and Monarch and everyone else.
. Trying to get his son to lose weight.
. Got some more details on the machine, though. No set date yet. Sent the info to your e-mail.

I'll send my next report in a few days.

Little worried about Fujiko. Heard she grew a cat tail. Hope it just stays at that. Don't need any other big cats running around. Tiger's fucking scary.

If you have a job for me, Mr. O, I'm open. Need something to keep busy with.

Faye's acting a little weird. Hope she's okay.
Had a weird talk with Lupin. Talk was fine, just weird seeing him get jabbed in the leg. Kinda satisfying, though. He's an okay guy but he needs to lay off Faye.

Mr. O, if there's nothing you need me for I'm requesting a few days off. Need to get out, maybe hit up some people I know.
Things are going easy. Nothing big happening. Been keeping busy, but I'm willing to do more.

Faye's getting into trouble again. Nothing new there.

May. 1st, 2007

Having a good week being at a normal height. Like a mini-vacation, 'cept I'm still helping out around the place. Poker games with the guards are easier now, haha. And so is taking their money. Nice to have a beer without drinking it from a thimble.

Think Faye likes it, too.

Hope Reducto gets better-- probably ask him to shrink me back once he's well again. No hurries, man. Take your time.

Anyone up for doing something?

I got a candidate for the animal training, Mr. O. Lady Amazonia-- usually has big cats and predators as her thing but she said she'd be interested in being a hire-on for a week. Said she wanted to discuss the particulars with you.


Haha, fun stuff.

Mr. O? Exterminator left yesterday, said he got all the nests and he had his company send the bill. Think he's overcharging you, though. Specially since he ended up having me take care of half those rat holes.

Thank for the height-adjustment, Reducto.

Wake-Up Call

Just got attacked by a HUGE rat thing. Tore up the front of my box. I've run into rats before, but they never had curved fangs. We close to a nuclear power plant? Cause that sunnova bitch was mutated. Had to be.

Managed to stick him pretty good. Ran off, though. And rats don't come in singulars. Might want to watch your feet.

Oh man.

Should I ask?
Party was weird. Lupin thought it'd be fun to stick me in a pocket with his shrunk partner. That wasn't cool. Think I got the point across, though.

Faye and that Spike guy fought.

Then Faye starting goading the big white guy. He hit her. Would've gotten him bleeding out if he hadn't kicked me. Avenger got me, though. Was dazed at first, didn't realize what was going on. Seems I might have scared some people. Sorry. I've got a problem with heights, though, too.

Going out on a dinner cruise with Faye tonight. Should be fun.

Because You're Gonna Ask Anyways

Yeah, I've always been five inches high, and yeah, everything is proportional.
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